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Natascha Bernoski

Natascha Bernoski

Natascha Bernoski, owner at Bernoski Dressage. After finishing a 4 year horsemanship college in Deurne, Natascha decided to become a fulltime professional. Through the years Natascha encountered a tremendous amound of experience on the highest level. On this day Natascha is still active in the competition circuit and very involved with training young and talented students from different nationalities. At Bernoski Dressage she focusses on training our riders and horses for the benefits of our sales our sports.



Licenced instructor

Mutltiple students currently competing in International youth classes

Big Tour and Small Tour competition experience

Successes Natascha Bernoski
  • Coco —> Small Tour, 1994
  • Calypso —> Big Tour, 1994
  • Galaxy —> Small Tour, 2000
  • Largo —> Small Tour, 2002
  • Regazzo —> Small Tour, 2006
  • Mythilus —> Big Tour, 2006
  • Marquis —> Big Tour, 2009 
  • Torro —> Small Tour, 2010
  • Nimble —> Small Tour, 2010
  • Fairytale —> Small Tour, 2013